It sounds complex, but it’s not. Product stewardship simply puts the onus on the creators of products to take responsibility for the full life cycle of items they put out there.


It means designing your business systems to:
– Minimise carbon foot print throughout production
– Minimise packaging, whilst keeping substrates as pure as possible
– Provide replacement parts to extend the product’s life
– Making provisions for the product’s end of life – collect, reuse, repurpose or recycle

We are so proud of our Clients who have taken the lead and proactively designed their business with product stewardship at the core. Here’s a shout-out to a few of our early adopters.

Volcanic Creamery’s Daily White. Milk the way it used to be. Non-homogenised, with cream on top, presented in glass bottles, that are collected, sterilised and refilled. Coming to your local café in the Waikato soon.

Free Curls is an innovated product designed to address a gap in the curly hair market, but that’s not the only cool part – the packaging is designed to be endlessly recycled. Made from aluminium it can be sterilised, reused, refilled or recycled. Ordered online, a return courier label is provided to ensure the bottles can be returned and recycled as intended.

Whilst we didn’t design their label, For the Better Good are a great example of product stewardship and is proof that consumers are willing to pay for a better world. It sells for $4, against other water bottles priced at $0.99 – the contents (water) is the same. The only difference is that they are a responsible manufacturer. The bottle is made from plants. Collection bins are conveniently placed in locations where it’s sold. The empties are collected, composted and the compost used in their gardens to grow plants, like fruit and vegetables that feed disadvantaged communities. We’d pay for that, and so it appears, will lots of other kiwis. Hats off.

Product Stewardship is the way of the future and it is something that we are all passionate about at Brandhub. Come share your ideas with us and together we’ll build a better world.