Branding Matters

When you pick up a bottle of olive oil from the supermarket shelf, you should be able to gauge where it comes from, who it is made for, and how it is different from all the other bottles of olive oil. The shape of the bottle, the imagery, and the text all play very important roles in how it is perceived by customers, and graphics and texture allow a multi-sensory experience for people handling it, creating opportunities for deeper engagement. Ultimately, a brand’s identity should reveal its story – its history, values and vision – and be synonymous with the product.

The Four Elements of Branding

All successful brands are genuine, consistent, memorable and professional. Without these four elements, even the best products are at a disadvantage. A brand needs an authentic voice to form a strong emotional bond with its customers and in order to earn a loyal customer base, as well as proud and happy employees. Being genuine supports marketing and advertising efforts too. Consistency, or sustainable branding, is another key component of successful branding. The initial first impression needs to act like the blurb of a book, giving customers a taste of what to expect. Having a consistent identity and presence helps make a brand more memorable as its story and purpose is repeated. Finally, a brand needs to be professional and credible.

There are tangible and intangible components of branding. The tangible are things like the logo, website, materials used for packaging, advertisements, etc., and the intangible includes the voice, tone and user experience. Good branding ensures all of these components work in harmony, keeping the brand’s identity afloat. They work to create a feeling, such as safety, nostalgia, or excitement, and this is how to attract customers.

Don’t Follow the Pack

If you’re unsure of how to go about creating your brand’s identity, our advice is to follow your gut instinct with the basics, and engage a specialist such as Brandhub for the rest. It’s critical that you get the brand’s foundations right. Well defined brand essence, positioning and personality are key to success. At Brandhub we specialise in brand strategy and clever packaging design to help bring your brand to life on shelf.

If you need assistance with building a brand or custom packaging, reach out to us today. Visit our packaging design agency in Parnell, or drop us an email: We’d be happy to help you reach new heights.