We’re a full-service brand agency, and handle everything from initial naming and conceptual work through to final execution and analysis.


With a passion for products, we thrive on the challenge of successfully launching innovative homegrown offerings (locally and globally, across all channels). We give brands a voice using our unique mix of creativity, pragmatism, and a generous dash of genius. As you can imagine, those voices are powerful. Unique, exciting, compelling.


By creating the right voice, crafting the right messages, and choosing the right mix of mediums, we send products flying off the shelves. Because creative design has to answer real business needs, and ideas are only as good as the results they generate.


Whatever you need to help you lead competitive markets and win consumers’ hearts, we’re here to make it happen.



We’re here at Brandhub for one reason only (it’s not the coffee, although that definitely helps).

We’re here because we’re passionate (some might say obsessive) about smart branding. We live it, we breathe it, and we eat it for breakfast. It gets us out of bed, and it’s been known to keep us up at night.

We’re eco-conscious brand experts, always curious about what makes a customer reach for one brand over another – and we’re proud of it.

Perhaps we don’t get out enough … but we definitely know how to get the most out of your product.

Brandhub - Our Approach
Brandhub - Our Approach


HUB (hatch; unify; brand) is our process for bringing your consumer brand to life. It’s designed to define opportunities, respond with brilliant creative solutions that resonate with shoppers, and deliver to your business objectives.


We dig deep to fully understand your offer, your consumers’ headspace, and your world.

To uncover the truth about your brand, our strategists and creatives shop, observe, research global trends and data, ask questions, and most importantly, listen to the answers.

We don our lab coats, analyse all this info and develop your optimal, ownable positioning.


All that digging unearths the gold at the heart of your brand, to unify the elements of your unique story, culture, name and visual identity.

This story will inform the design style and your key messages. It will make solid business sense, be led by your values and tell a compelling story that’s totally unique.


We develop original brand design that engages, attracts and communicates your point of difference to your ideal customer.

This design solution has the power to turn heads and change minds. It can influence buying patterns, shift perceptions and build loyalty.

Once it’s in market, we’ll protect your IP and guide others to do so too.