Once a month, we take time out to appreciate product and packaging innovations. We look for products that are not only innovative and well designed, but have also taken the leap into the future – embracing plant-based packaging, packaging without waste, or a circular economy.  

Rather than keep all the goodies to ourselves, we thought we’d share our top 5 with you. 


It’s only natural to want to lead with our own. Just in case you missed our boastful posts, be sure to check out our Free Curls and Volcanic Creamery work. Two entrepreneurial Clients who we are super proud of. Both set out to create businesses committed to a Circular Economy… and both are reaping the rewards. 

Stylised photography by Brandhub NZ Ltd. 

Stylised Photography by Brandhub NZ Ltd. 


Here’s to Arataki Honey’s brave move into cardboard tubs. We were dubious at first of its ability to endure the realities of a family pantry, so we put this one to the test – from the shopping trolly piled high with a family’s fortnightly needs, it was then on the receiving end of a month’s worth of crumb laden butter knives and fought over daily by hungry primary school children, right to the last delicious scrape of the tub. We are pleased to report that it withstood the test quite nicely.  

Congratulations Arataki, that’s a win for you and the environment. Now it’s time for the rest of the category to follow suit, and of course we’d be more than happy to help. Let’s leave the plastic behind. 


Image from Arataki Honey ( Please note we do not claim to own the above image.


Emma Lewisham is another NZ success story. Paving the way in product stewardship within the premium personal care industry. The brand has taken steps above and beyond category norm, to minimise their impact on the environment, from product to packaging.   

With a zero tolerance for animal testing, a beautifully designed and well-executed brand, using only sustainably sourced packaging, it is already off to a strong start, but here’s where it gets really good… the brand takes responsibility for retrieving and re-circulate the packaging it puts out there.  

Products are presented in re-usable bottles and jars, with refill pod inserts or pouches, which are collected free of charge once emptied. The business then cleans & reuses the packaging, to minimise waste & create that circular economy. As a consumer, knowing that you are enhancing your skin with natural ingredients and doing so without creating waste is a beautiful thing. Not only does this model give brands a key advantage, it also helps us sleep at night.   

If you have a personal care product and are interesting in improving your Brand’s footprint, reach out to the team at Brandhub, we’d love to share what we know and help you move to a more sustainable solution.

Image from Emma Lewisham ( Please note we do not claim to own the above image.


At Brandhub it’s our business to keep abreast of the latest packaging materials and innovations. One company that we have been watching closely for a few years now is ‘Plentyful  The incredibly talented team at Plentyful are at the forefront of packaging design using PHA in NZ – created from natural waste and bacteria, it has the potential to replicate & replace oil-based plastics in many shapes and forms. It is a promising plastic alternative that will breakdown harmlessly in the environment (or your home compost) back to its original natural raw waste state, creating a true circular economy. We love the sound of that. Keep on with your incredible pioneering work Plentyful! 


Image from Plentyful ( Please note we do not claim to own the above image.


Regardless of your product, there is a sustainable way and Wilson proves that point.  Spied while researching sport packaging for a new Client of ours – Triniti by Wilson is an innovative tennis ball born of ambition to minimise environmental impact… but what got us really excited was the packaging…. we know, we know, packaging is our jam. 


Made from recycled cardboard, the packaging shatters the category’s reliance on the good old plastic tube. Who would have thought? Not only is it better for the environment but its contemporary design looks as sharp on the court as it does on the shelves. 


When we look more broadly around the sports retail stores, there is an incredible amount of excess packaging and plastic in use. We see a huge opportunity for sporting brands to stand out from competitors and become pioneers in their field…. pun intended.  Let us help you re-design the future. Give us a call today.    

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