Pāmu wanted to launch its ultra-premium product with a unique name, story and branding that would showcase its exclusive provenance story. We worked with the name ‘One Farm’ to tell a story of quality and traceability to a single, specific farm – a unique point of difference the client wanted to communicate. One Farm traces the milk’s journey from farm, to can, to customer.

Challenging the category, our goal was to turn what may be considered a commodity into an exclusive and covetable functional food. We achieved this through non-traditional dairy cues, an elegant navy and gold colour palette and a handcrafted topographic map of Mount Tauhara, to represent its unique story of single source provenance. The result is a beautiful brand and packaging for a superior milk powder that feels “grown up”, sophisticated and part of a busy modern millennial lifestyle. This design was a clear favourite in consumer testing, and – with its launch to market – One Farm is growing a dedicated following.