Just because your product can go in the recycling bin, doesn’t mean that’s a problem solved. Did you know that the market for recycled products isn’t as big as our appetite for consumption, and as a result only a portion of our recycling is actually recycled? 


When considering substrates for your packaging, it pays to weigh up all the options, but minimising the use of packaging is always the first step. Packaging deemed necessary should be consciously selected, using the most sustainable & cost-effective substrate needed.


Home compostable is a great alternative and a growing market, but not without its challenges. If the plastic compostable product ends up in landfill, it’s no better than regular plastic. It won’t decompose in that setting, so your instructions to your consumers need to be clear on your packaging, or your job is not done.


Likewise, if a compostable product ends up in the recycling bin, it can be impossible for the naked eye to separate it out from recyclable plastic, which means it can unwittingly contaminate a whole block and deem it all unusable. 


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