Ah, the good old days. No Internet, no email … the news came printed, and the milk came in glass bottles.

There’s lots to love about the modern world, but there’s also plenty of good stuff lost to the relentless grind of time. Fortunately, Daily White have burst onto the boutique milk scene, with a wholesome product that harks back to a simpler time.

The brainchild of a female-run family farm in Rotorua, Daily White delivers completely fresh pasteurised milk straight from the paddock. It comes in a glass bottle, just like the milkman used to deliver to the doorsteps of NZ ‘back in the day’, and can even be returned for recycling. The bottles are cleaned, sterilised, refilled, then reused again and again in line with the brand’s eco-friendly values.

For Daily White’s packaging, we decided on a vintage look and feel, giving visual links to fresh-farmed nutritious goodness. The label’s typography and imagery instantly sheds light on how the milk is produced – straight from cow to consumer on the same day (hence the name).

Daily White are planning to focus their attention on the Kiwi café scene, positioning themselves as a premium boutique brand. As the tagline says, it’s “all good”: no additives, no unnecessary processing, just pure unhomogenised milk fresh from Daily White’s A2 cows.

It’s all about giving honest Kiwis an honest product – with honestly great design to match.