The brief (we set ourselves) was to create a quirky, yet design-led gift for our clients. We created hexagonal boxes, inspired by the world’s cult patisseries. Each box held a thoroughly on-trend, custom-crafted and iced donut. We also created a selection of bespoke puns, like ‘eat more hole foods’ and festive one-liners like ‘I donuts for the silly season’ for the front of pack to surprise the recipient and bring a smile to their lips.

Gold foiling on the box is echoed inside by edible gold leaf, embellishing a modern palette of icing tones. This delicious combination of shape, texture, taste and text made each gift (and each client) feel unique, luxe and very special. The result was a beautifully designed, memorable on-trend gift to showcase our work and to give some sweet end-of-year cheer.