As they prepared to release their first Own Brand duck product, Countdown needed a standout packaging solution. As part of their Core Plus range, it had to look the part – exceptional quality, and worth the premium price point.

We chose beautifully dark colours to evoke a sense of luxury, and then had a lot of fun creating and photographing recipes for the front of the packs. A variety of options – from premium everyday meals through to the adventurous and exotic – offered inspiration as well as striking visuals. Roast Duck, Peking Duck with Pancakes, Duck Breast Ramen and Duck Leg Salad all featured Countdown Own Brand Duck as the star ingredient, demonstrating quality and versatility.

The finished product literally stands out from the crowd – there’s nothing on the shelf like it. With a blend of luxurious images and stylish dark colouring, it’s going to have plenty of people thinking “Wow, what’s that?”