Caring for curly hair can be … well, a bit of a curly issue.

It’s tough to manage without the right knowledge and products, meaning that plenty of people become frustrated with their frizz and pick up the hair straightener (or worse, the scissors).

Enter FreeCurls – the only product in New Zealand created for truly intense curls. There are three products currently available – a cleanser, a conditioner, and a leave-in – all formulated to care for curls without harsh chemicals. As well as natural, organic ingredients, the FreeCurls brand champions eco-friendly values, with all products packaged in recyclable aluminium. Best of all, empty bottles can be sent back to FreeCurls for refilling!

In creating branding for FreeCurls, we had a tricky task – crafting a friendly, approachable image while communicating the challenges of curly hair. Our packaging design draws on environmental cues, featuring natural greens, earthy tones, and icons that symbolise the good FreeCurls does for the planet (as well as your hair). The swirl of the design represents different types of curly hair, and when the products are stacked together on shelf each image joins together to create one strikingly eye-catching curl.

FreeCurls are already planning to expand their range and offering, and we’re proud to have used our own magic formula to help them along the way – clever visuals, intuitive design, and a generous dose of creative genius.