Spinozah was a philosopher – a great man who believed we should all try and understand the world around us during the course of our lives. What better name for a brand that aims to train future problem-solvers through hands-on science and technology?

Spinozah’s flagship product – a build-your-own UV sensor – helps kids learn about the UV power of the sun and the effects of the ozone hole in NZ and Australia. It’s designed for easy assembly, and allows students to understand the function of each component as they build.

Given Spinozah’s focus on the natural world, environmentally-friendly packaging was a must. However, the packaging also needed visual cues linking to science and tech – not an easy brief. Fortunately, we’re in the business of creative problem-solving ourselves. We designed all Spinozah’s packaging to be made with eco-friendly card … but more importantly, we shaped it to house the device after assembly. When it’s not in use, the sensor fits neatly in the box ready for the next round of experiments and data collection.

Eventually, the Spinozah team plans to have the sensor included in the school curriculum. In the meantime, there’s a range of other sensors in the works (and plenty of opportunities for us to use our knowledge for good, too).