Nestled in the green rolling hills at the foot of Mt Tarawera, you’ll find a dairy farm that’s doing things in a whole new way.

A whole new way that’s actually the old way!

A family-run operation in Rotorua, Volcanic Creamery have made it their business to care for their cows, for the native bush that surrounds the farm, and for the planet.

The result? Dairy the way it should be. Creamy, nutritious, and kind to the environment.

Made with no additives and no unnecessary processing, Volcanic Creamery milk comes packaged in reusable glass bottles for easy recycling, sterilisation and re-use. As you’d expect, it also makes a knockout cup of coffee – and we were tasked with spreading the word through smart branding.

For Volcanic Creamery’s branding, we chose deep blue and natural tones for visual links to both the natural beauty of Rotorua’s lakes and the full, wholesome goodness associated with non-homogenised milk. For the packaging, we decided to draw on the rich imagery of Mt Tarawera – stunning lakes, lush ferns, and striking volcanic rock – to demonstrate the brand’s heritage and homeland. It’s also a nod to the ‘new old way’ they choose to farm, tending the land with care for a quality product and a noticeably creamier taste.

Technology continues to move at a rapid pace, but there’s something to be said for old-school values and extra care and attention to detail (in both farming and design)!